How To Effectively Use The SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover

Welcome to your journey with SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover, where we aim to make your experience nothing less than extraordinary.

Our guide is here to assist you in customizing your skincare routine according to your skin's unique needs, ensuring your comfort and well-being every step of the way. Your satisfaction and safety are our highest priorities!

Skin Preparation & Ideal Timing

Preparing your skin is a crucial step before using your SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover. These instructions will help ensure a smooth and efficient hair removal process based on your skin's sensitivity.

  • Normal to Resilient Skin

    For those with normal to resilient skin types, we suggest exfoliating a day before using the SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover. Gentle exfoliation helps clear away dead skin, ensuring optimal results while maintaining your skin's health.

  • Delicate Skin

    For delicate skin, try exfoliating two days prior to using the SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover. This extra time helps your skin recover from exfoliation, reducing the chances of irritation when combined with hair removal. Remember to choose a gentle exfoliant and avoid aggressive scrubbing.

Precautions for a Smooth Hair Removal Experience

Experience the ultimate comfort during hair removal with our safety precautions in place. Smooth skin is just a step away!

  • Steer Clear of Irritants

    Between exfoliation and using the SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover, avoid hot water, strong soaps, and rough scrubs that might irritate your skin.

  • Let Your Skin Cool

    Ensure your skin is cool, especially after hot baths or sun exposure, before using the SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover. This minimizes sensitivity.

  • Avoid Delicate Areas

    Avoid using SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover on sensitive, inflamed, or wounded skin. Wait until skin fully heals. Pause if discomfort occurs, then resume when skin feels normal.

Important Considerations for Various Skin Sensitivities

Everyone's skin sensitivity is different. For those with highly sensitive skin, even gentle exfoliation might require more caution and perhaps a longer interval before using the product.

  • Choose Products Wisely

    Regardless of skin type, be mindful of potential allergens in products used alongside the hair removal process. This includes exfoliants, moisturizers, and shaving products. Hypoallergenic options are generally safer, but always consider personal allergies.

  • Understanding Normal Reactions

    Feeling a mild pull, temporary redness, or a slight sting is normal during hair removal. These sensations usually pass quickly. If you have sensitive skin, these feelings might be more noticeable but are typically harmless.

  • Maximizing Hair Removal Effectiveness

    To optimize your experience with the SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover, note that using shaving products may reduce its effectiveness. Direct application on the skin is ideal, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Patch Testing for Skin Compatibility

Before using the SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover extensively, conduct a patch test. This ensures compatibility and prioritizes your skin's health.

Choose two small areas on your legs for testing, ideally on different legs or well apart. Clean these areas with a mild cleanser and gently pat dry. Test on both dry and slightly damp skin, ensuring no oils or lotions are present. Gently use the SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover with light, circular motions. Assess comfort during use and monitor for 24 hours without applying other products.

Usage & Application

Unleash the full power of your SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover by following these steps!


Make sure your skin is clean beforehand. You may prepare your skin by using a gentle cleanser.


Choose your application method

  • Dry Skin Application

    Ensure your skin is completely dry and free from oils or lotions.

  • Damp Skin Application

    Keep your skin slightly damp but not overly wet, and free from oils or lotions.


Begin hair removal with light pressure in circular motions on a less sensitive area, adjusting pressure as needed. Alter your technique as you go, using lighter pressure or shorter strokes to reduce friction.


Aftercare for Healthy Skin

Post-hair removal care is crucial for maintaining healthy skin

Gently rinse with cool water and pat dry softly.

Apply a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturizer with soothing ingredients. Optionally, use a cold compress for extra relief.

Clean your SilkenGlow™ Crystal Hair Remover after each use and store it in a dry, cool place

Skin Care Tips

Post-treatment, remember to:

Protect your skin from the sun, using SPF 30 sunscreen and reapplying as needed.

Allow your skin time to rest, waiting at least 48 hours between sessions. Those with very sensitive skin may need longer intervals.

Choose skin-friendly products and avoid harsh chemicals. Avoid excessive heat exposure to maintain your skin's natural balance.

Final Thoughts

Preparing your skin and caring for the hair removal properly is key. Adjust the process to your needs and enjoy the journey to smooth, hair-free skin. Your well-being is our top priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way.